Not the one from Ted Lasso.

Just another thinkboi with a minimalist personal site.

I build

I'm the Founder & CEO of Something New

I invest

I’m an angel investor and Cofounder + General Partner of Launch House a fund focused on investing in the New Silicon Valley.

I write

I manage a tech news publication called Homescreen and very occasionally write a newsletter called Social Studies.

I make music

I've been writing, producing, and mixing music as Monte Del Monte for over a decade.

I previously

I was a PM at Clearbit and Google, co-created Accenture Ventures, and did M&A strategy at Google. I also taught music to kids in refugee camp, was a Computational Cognitive Science researcher at UC Berkeley working on language models, and was BTC class of 2014, ETH class of 2015.

I like

Working in cafes, Ableton wizardry, niche indie electronic music (see Discover Weekly), Japan, Germany, cognitive linguistics, the vaporwave aesthetic, swing dancing and sushi.

I read

Some of my favorite books recently include: